Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vegas and Vagabond Ways

Walking Down Wanderlust Memory Lane Sitting on the plane I was reminded of my once itinerant ways. I was the girl who always took a weekend trip every month or would spontaneously fly somewhere at a moment's notice. But with training for an ironman this year, not so much. For the first few months of 2007, sure I took a few little trips (Phoenix, LA, Colorado), but that all ended by March, when triathlon "season" kicked off with a half ironman on April 1st. Priorities. So booking a last minute, surprise flight to see my parents was also personally nostalgic. Not to mention one of the best surprises for my parents. Good Karma

Figuring my parents were at the chinese/vietnamese restaurant they own and run, I cabbed it there. Isn't my dad silly?

And nothing beats a mother's love.

Travel Training

Before I left monday morning, I did a 70 minute hot as sin run at the park. But since I am SIX weeks away from the race, this week calls for mucho training. So here was my 29 hour, Las Vegas whirlwind game plan: Get to vegas (did it) See the parents (did it) Find a pool and swim (did it..it was one of the murkiest, overchlorinated I have ever swam...the worst 24 hour fitness pool..) Eat and see the parents (did it..and did it.. and did it.... this is every meal I ate...) Head back to the pool (didn't do it) Instead, still on my nostalgic high, I decided to rummage through family photos..which got me into a .... Sentimental State Pictures chronicle life. Mine and those of my family members were far from storied. But it reminded me once again, that all we have in this world are the people who love us and the ones we love. Okay now you can wipe the tears away... Pinkgurugal leaves you with one of my other Vegas moments... A Shaq Sighting Yes that's him playing pickup at the 24 hour fitness. And these are little Shaq kiddoes watching their dad. Viva Las Vegas! Cheers and happy training! "Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” Vincent van Gogh


Baun said...

Bun thit nuong with bi and grilled shrimp is my favorite dish!! (salivating...)

pinkgurugal said...

I just checked out your blog! Welcome to the world of Tri obsession! My roomie just did steelhead too!
and yes, vietnamese food is THE BEST!!!
cheers and happy training!!!!

Baun said...

How'd ya roommate like Steelhead? It was going great for me, until I got my 1st ever flat (dreaded rear tire) and realized I didn't know how to use my Micro Inflator (there's a joke in there somewhere...). Oh, then 10 mins after I finally got the flat fixed and back on the road, my FRONT tire flatted. I was cursing the gods. Besides that, it was a fun race!

Wow, less than 20 days til IMoo... Good luck not going insane with nervous energy during tapering!!