Thursday, July 12, 2007

Madison Bound

For those of you who "know know" me, I've never been one to pack early. Such was the case 'twas the night before leaving for Madison, Wisconsin and triathlon camp. So around 10:30pm (keep in mind I have a 7:15am flight), I figured it was time to pack my stuff. Helmut, shoes, wetsuit, sunscreen.... oh yes, and the all important bike. That's a job for a big strong man, so I put my roommate Liam to work. Well... (I'll post photos after I return) the clip pedals did not want to come off so easily, so after about an hour of wrangling, Liam finally got pink into Ryan's bikebox. We loaded it into the pinkgurugal mobile. Now it's midnight. Right...I gotta pack clothes, etc. Throw stuff in a luggage.... what I forgot I can always buy has long been my travel mantra. 1:30am... alarm set at 5:30. Coffeemaker auto set.... my head hits the pillow...i'm out.

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