Saturday, July 7, 2007

And now, for today's triathlon strengthening tip of the day as performed by $ guy Lance Roberts (see link in cool links in the event you are tri broke like me and need common "cents" ) You think he can teach me a thing or two?

Yesterday was a tough day for telling stories. I was in TEXAS CITY all day, and all I could think about was Sh-eeeeee-t!!! I should have done my track workout in the morning! I have quickly learned there is a guilt factor associated with all this Ironman training. Guilt? I thought I left my catholic roots long ago and now it's baaaaaack! Help me Jesus! When I got home, tired and exhausted, I managed to peel myself from the couch, put on my good ole three year old Asics, and head to the park. Guilt got the best of me.

Yes, I am overdue for new "Eye Candy", if you are out there... will you fit me in some new ones? Surprisingly, I had a great workout. Nothin like a good sweat and cheating by listening to the Ipod. Is beer a good post run meal? Well I thought so. So did my roommate Liam. One, two three.... Is there such thing as being an alcoholic triathlete? Finally, a group of Sugar Mamas are heading to Conroe for some diva cycling. Liam has graciously offered to be our chaperone. A big thanks Liam for being our Pimp Sugar daddy.

And let's hope this weekend Kelly and I can actually do our century ride instead of having to be rescued by "Cowboy Bill", who threw us and our bikes in his horse trailer. To Sugar Mama barn animals!

“What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsch Cheers and happy training!

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Anonymous said...

I understand the guilt factor...The more deeply you get into the tri world, the more guilt you feel, I swear.

I am excited to be in your tri commune tonight!