Monday, July 9, 2007

Getting Princess Pink Ready For Tri Camp

My monday off started what has become ritual at the tri commune: "Liam, you're late for work! It's seven! Keep in mind he's supposed to "report to duty" to the Coast Guard by 7. Such is the mother hen in me. This morning Princess pink and I happily headed to Sugar Cycles. While the Sugar Daddies were tweaking my cateye, I headed next door to LA Fitness for an 80 minute treadmill run followed by some back/bicep flexing. I always found gyms to be a discomfiting. Staring at yourself in the mirror while lifting has always struck my as incredibly vain. Granted I know the object is to watch form, but how can you help but check yourself out and stare at all the self perceived physical inadequacies? (what's up with my thighs, is my butt to big? Ugh, look at those bruises...etc, etc...) After showering, I headed back to Sugar Cycles, my FAVORITE new hangout. After some idle time hanging with the daddies, watching the tour de france and feeling bike envy (there are some beautiful works of art there) was time to give princess pink some TLC. So like the OCD me, she got a good cleaning. Since I leave for Tri camp in a few days, I needed to make sure she looks her best. And a big thanks to Brett and Kyle for making pink look even hotter: how sweet it is is now proudly written on both sides.

I spent a total of four hours at Sugar... even took a nap on the couch.

Off for a swim, then Liam and I are heading to the first Sugar Cycles team meeting. It's always good to get together with those who share your same intense, obssessive compulsive, manic nature.

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.” Pierre de Coubertin, French founder of the modern Olympic Games

Cheers and happy training!

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Anonymous said...

I've definitely done the 4 hours at Sugar/sleep on the couch thing several times. :) I am so tanked up on sugar love from this weekend..This has to be a good week now! I love love love you all so much.