Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The sickies and training guilt

Someone help me I was hoping that when I woke up this morning, I would feel refreshed and ready to attack the world. Instead I felt much like my dog Ally, slumped over and looking sullen. I'm not sure how she feels, but if you put my picture next to hers we'd bare remarkable resemblance right now. Rest, rest, please let this be the last day! Sans Training Since I feel like someone pounded my head with a hammer and shook my entire body free of energy, I am taking my second day off. I know, the experts say listen to your body, but with an Ironman eight weeks away, it's difficult not to obsess and think "OMG, what if this makes me weaker? What if I have a tough time getting back on track after feeling better? What if...what if? The mind goes racing. Fear overwhelms common sense. Anxiety supercedes calm. But there's little I can do about my fragile state of being. Just tough it out. I'm pretty good at this. Let's hope my body will cooperate. Cheers and happy training! “He who fears being conquered is certain of defeat.” Napoleon Bonaparte

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