Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jane's Biking Bragging Rights

Jane's Addiction A huge pinkgurugal congrats goes out to Ironbabe Jane, who officially became the proud owner of a badass, sup'ed up Guru titanium bike. Since "Jane's Addiction" (that's the name of her new baby) comes from the same line as my baby, we are looking forward to our kids becoming fast friends. And we'll see you guys out at this weekends Cinco Ranch Triathlon! And another accolade... Not only did Jane usher in "JA" this weekend, low and behold SHE'S FAMOUS! Yep, our little Jane is this month's cover feature on the Houston Racing website. The article reads as follows Jane Kang - Jane is a brand new member and competed in her first triathlon this year: Jeff and Brede’s. Despite the rain, Jane says it was fun! She finds the training rather addictive and knows she is happier, especially since she was 60 pounds heavier 2 years ago. Jane has been in Houston for 7 years and is originally from Louisiana. Jane is a psychiatrist by day and enjoys playing with her pug, Toby, reading and cooking by night. At times, Jane rides her bicycle to work. She rode the MS150 for the first time this year. And, she will compete in a few more sprint triathlons this year. Jane is in training with the Ironbabe program, founded by Jana Landry, and coached by Annabelle Landa. Jane is enjoying a healthier lifestyle. WHAT? they didn't mention that Jane has also committed her first half in October and to IM Austria.. (okay, it was my fault, I peer pressured her into the big one!).. and what about props to the tri commune... Anyhoo, Jane is all grown up. Pinkgurugal is proud! Cheers and happy training Ralph Vaull Starr- "Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Pinkgurugal puts on her party hat

Going Glitzy

Wednesday night I convinced Ironbabe Jane to be my date. We headed to a cocktail party. Of course, as evidenced by my many photos sans makeup and hairdo, this is an atypical me.
Isn't it strange to see Jane and me all dolled up, since in most of my blog photos, we're usually either bumming out or in spandex and tshirt and shorts?
My friend on my left is Viet Hoang, a great guy and the publisher of Yellow Magazine, a way cool Asian American lifestyles and fashion magazine.
And here I am wedged between these beauties, Mandy Kao and Yuki Rogers, the co-chairs of the Asian Family Services charity event and this evening's pre gala cocktail party. They are great women, and a subset of pinkgurugal's social circle. Featured in this photo are former city councilmember Gordon Quan and his wife Sylvia. They are simply the most wonderful and genuine people as evidenced by their smiles.

So have you noticed the common thread in these photos? Everyone is Asian! Yes, these are my "peeps", my asian posse, my amalgam of friends who embrace both our eastern heritage and our western culture.

It's cool to be different.

And it's cool to actually go out like a normal person since my ironman training is on hiatus (and i'm over that withdrawel thing!)

Cheers and happy training!

Henry David Thoreau - “Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.”

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Language Matters

It's All about Edification
Although it may appear that pinkgurugal is one dimensional and lives and breathes triathlons, I am attempting to return to my roots.
No this isn't alphabet lessons, but I am learning to read and write in my native language, and that's Vietnamese. And this isn't my first time at this Roots Rodeo...
I started taking private lessons (again) with Truong Ngon, a man with an altruistic heart and a great Vietnamese lessons instructor.
It's a six-week 2 hour lesson, and he makes it very enjoyable. The first time I took this class, I was joined by 3 of my contempories, all in the same boat as me: Asian American, can speak the language, but can't read and write for crap. And the vocabulary of an 8th grader.
You can say I'm plain spoken, much like our president. You know, words like "strategery" , or quotes like
They misunderestimated me."
Anyways, for all you tri bloggers out there, I encourage you to step out of your zone and diversify your interests, whether it be taking language lessons, sewing, salsa, or whatever floats your boat.
Maybe one day I'll write this blog in vietnamese.
And that my friends, is Pinkgurugal's lesson of the day.
Cheers and happy training!
Plato - “If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life.”

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday Night Serendipity

A fortuitous food and friends affair Saturday night Ironbabe Jane invited three members of the Tri commune, Liam, Jessica and Pinkgurugal to her home for a delightful and delicious dinner party. Also attending this intimate event, TriGreyhound and his wife Pauline, and Paulette and his wife David.

So it was the eight of us: We engaged in pleasant conversation, imbibed on fine wines and gorged on quite a feast, thanks to Jane. In case you didn't know it Jane is quite a culinary connosieur, she even has a separate food blog that chronicles this indulgence.

We were first served crab cakes

Then we had a yummy beef salad The main course was this chicken wrapped in feta cheese and a yummy sauce... with a side of pasta. Then came the sizzling and explosive dessert. Children, don't try this at home. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! This is made-from-scratch baked alaskan served up just like one would get at a fancy restaurant. The presentation was cool, but the dessert was even better.. Hands down,. it was the BEST baked alaskan I've ever eaten! Going through Jane's Goodies Box After the grown ups left, Liam found some peculiar stuff stored away in what at first, seemed like an unsuspecting box. Until he opened it. A pandora's box of porn? You be the judge. Jane, we don't know what you do in your alone time, but if it's fun, we'd like to join Six degrees of blog separation: Okay, stay with me on how this melange of people was brought together. Pinkgurugal lives with Liam, and Jessica is my surrogate little sister . She's the one in the red on the left. Then I met Jane at an Ironbabes get together. We began reading each others blogs

Jane found Trigreyhound's blog while doing a search on anyone doing triathlon "brics" (or training) This is the actual photo that comes up on Trigreyhound's blog. Check out the self professed middle aged lawyer's m-dot and guns!

Then I started reading Trigreyhound's blog through Jane. Then I met him in Madison during the Ironman. It was his first IM too!

Jane met Liam at Sugar Cycles but had already read his blog because I've linked Liam's blog on mine. So she felt like she knew him. And they became better friends when they recently roomed together at the Austin triathlon. Even Toby was there.

Trigreyhound and his wife met Jane for the first time last night. Isn't that funny? Jane thought so.

David and Paulette are friends of Janes. Paulette feels like she knows all of us because she reads our blogs. Thanks Paulette, pinkgurugal is honored!

And that, my friends, is how to make new friends through nebulous networking.

Blogs are great links, all pun intended. They forge relationships. They bond people who likely wouldn't meet or have any reason to know each other. Blogs brought this dinner party together. Pinkgurugal feels blogged blessed. Here's looking at you my fellow bloggers!

Cheers and happy training!
"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."
The Dalai Lama

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fitting in, Friends Forever and Feeling the Healing effects

Girls Gone Lame I never turned down a beer or two, or mmm, three.... during my IM training. I did however, constantly declined going out for a night on the town. Something about getting up early and seemed to always get in the way... So Thursday night, my girlfriend Christine decided now that the race is over, it was time to take me out to celebrate. It was so nice to catch up with Christine, but truth be told, I HATE going out. My whole perspective is warped. In my 20s and single, I couldn't wait to head to the restaurant and bars. Now, I see things so differently. I look at all these young, single people out on a Thursday night, some smoking, and I think... this is not only not fun, but I have nothing in common with people who would rather stay out late and drink then wake up early and ride. YES, I choose the Tri Commune, I choose my bike and my new Newton running shoes over a cigarette and a vodka martini. Maybe I'm just getting old, or growing up, or have outgrown that whole scene. Fun to me is getting up early, heading to the country and going for a 4-6 hour ride (even as much as I sometimes bitch about it). Oh but I will never turn down a beer. An Ironman Offering My bestest bestest friend and other "Chelly" half, Kelly, bought the two of us Ironman pendants. It is so perfect that I have been wearing it nonstop. I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Friends are golden, just like this charm M-Dot Update Well, other than waking up every morning and thinking HOLY CRAP, what have I done, my m-dot tattoo on my ankle appears to be healing well, albeit it itches (part of the healing process I'm told). I like it, but I am still not used to it. Oh, and I'll have to wear slacks for the rest of my professional career. Jobs are overrated. It's Saturday night... and Ironbabe Jane is having some friends over for dinner. Now this is my kind of going out. Good food and friends... and more beer! :) Cheers and happy training! And thanks to Sugar couple Natalie and Philip for today's following quote: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Wake up Water Call

Pondering my Doggy-Paddling Ways Something came to Pinkgurugal's attention last night that has continued to permeate my every obsessive thought today. The local paper apparently blogged about all of the Houston IMOO racers. And whoever wrote it duly noted my sluggishly slow time... here's the cut and paste version: Greater Houston Area IM Wisconsin Finishers Congratulations to the triathletes from the greater Houston area that completed Ironman Wisconsin this past Sunday, September 9 in Madison, Wisconsin. Joe Kachinski, who completed the half Ironman distance twice this year in Galveston (at Lone Star) and Buffalo Springs (in Lubbock), was the area's top finisher in 10 hours, 43 minutes and 32 seconds. Pinkgurugal (okay I changed my real name, i like this alias better) recorded her first Ironman finish after being one of the last 100 swimmers out of the water. (Sixteen of those later posted a "DNF" Do Not Finish.) Pinkgurugal, who finished in 13:38:07, was in 2,116th place after completing the swim in 1:45:01, but moved up over 700 places with a 6:50:31 bike and a 4:45:45 marathon. The complete list is as follows: Joe Kachinski, M35-39, Houston, 10:43:32 Kelly Carrington, W30-34, Houston, 11:36:27 Jorge Maya Velasco, M35-39, Houston, 12:27:27 Brett Blankner, M30-34, College Station, 12:59:26 Pinkgurugal, W30-34, Houston, 13:38:07 Cristina Fernandez Suchil, W30-34, Houston, 13:40:41 Kendall Gray, M40-44, Spring, 14:42:14 WHAT?? Fine, so I water waddled like a little floating sea turtle out there. See the resemblance. And I sure swam that way. My time swim admittedly SUCKED. But gosh, didya have to single me out ?? Maybe I should rename my blog mantra "Pinkgurugal: a simple girl with shameful stroke" My feelings are hurt. And I'm telling my Mommy. And dammit, this denunciation will only make me work that much harder to get more aquatically agile for the next Ironman. Get ready Austria (or China) AquaPink is coming!! It's on! Cheers and happy training! "'If any man wish to write in a clear style, let him be first clear in his thoughts; and if any would write in a noble style, let him first possess a noble soul." Johann von Goethe

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Racing Thoughts

Step by Step It's official. I signed up for my 7th marathon. It's my hometown marathon. And it's sometime mid January. I always sign up for this race because it's flat, fast and fun. And since we run right by my neighborhood, I invariably see lots of friends and neighbors. My bad though, for not properly training the past four years. Last year, I actually got to the race line 10 minutes before the gun went off. Typical stumbling and bumbling me stuff. Maybe this year I'll take this race more seriously. Or maybe I'll just do what I always do...have fun, and smile everytime I see a camera. Post Ironman Austerity Even though I am supposed to "take things easy", to "ease into" training, my mind is going nuts. Yes, I am nursing some funky feeling achilles tendons, yes, I got inked so I can't get into the pool, but I am feeling a little lost this last week. I have gone cycling, and hit the weights, and even enjoyed a few beers with my roommate and his friends, but shit I NEED GOALS! Not to mention my once sinewy self has gained a couple of pounds. I blame that on Ironbabe Jane and her yummy cake I have been nibbling on daily:) So I started thinking about beaches, about basking in the sun at a beautiful tropical destination..

then I started thinking about combining it with my favorite new passion.... Could it be possible??? do I have the time to train? would I even make the time?? I know, it's a longshot, but I'm having some post training blues...I feel lost, and it's CHINA! So I've been chatting with my blog buddy Baun and here's the email response he gave me: okay, so why IM China? let me count the ways:

1) because it's the first ever IM in China. there'll never be another first time. 2) because it's on Hainan Island, which is considered the 'Hawaii of China' (same longitude). it's supposed to be really beautiful there! 3) because it's in China in 2008, the year of the Chinese coming out party!! Beijing Olympics, IM China, total world domination, etc... 4) because it'll be the experience of a lifetime! 5) because it'll be an epic adventure! 6) because it'll be a hop and a skip to Vietnam 7) because it's there! 8) and most importantly, because you CAN!! we're blessed to have the opportunity to do this thing. Thanks Baun for the encouragement, even if in earnest. Help, my name is pinkgurugal and I'm now addicted to Ironman. An On Camera Act Pinkgurugal is pleased to share Kelly's first televised appearance. You can watch my other half of "the Chelly" as she shares her recent death defying experience with illness with a local news outlet

Kelly, the Hollywood agents will be calling any day! Cheers and happy training! “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A SixSome

Group Gathering Now that it has been confirmed that a contigency of SIX Tri Commune friends have signed up for IM Austria, we decided to have a team meeting at the commune. Ladies and gentlemen, the official Team Austria photo

From left to right: Pinkgurugal, Sugar Mamas Kelly and Natalie, Sugar Daddy Philip, Ironbabe Jane.... and standing in for TriRyguy (who is on some cruise ship somewhere) is Toby

The Chelly will be joined by friends next July. And they too, will be posing with their finishers photos.

Cheers and happy training!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - “Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait.”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Putting a Permanent End to my Ironman Observance

Enough Already! Now that it has been a week that the Chelly completed their first ironman, this will be final IMOO '07 related blog. One week of basking in the glory I say more than suffices. Sunday Cycling Revisited Even though I bragged all week to many, many friends and cohorts about how I couldn't wait to become a normal person again after IMOO, how I was looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday, I went back to my newfound habits. I was having cycling withdrawels. Ironbabe Jane was at the Tri Commune saturday night for reasons which will follow. She was going to ride on Sunday morning. So of course. I wanted to go. We left my home at 6:00am and headed to the country for the usual 54 mile country loop. It was Jane's first time doing this course. It won't be her last, since she has signed up for next month's Ironstar half IM. Go Jane go! It was a gorgeous morning. And even though I had to wake up ASS early again, (when was the last time I really slept in on a Sunday??) I was glad I did, for more reasons than just getting on my bike and riding. Marksmanship Saturday night, the Chelly made history. Kelly and I headed to Bombshell Tattoos and made our Ironman experience last a lifetime. After much anticipation, I present to you the m-dot and the inclusion of the"Chelly charm" (it's a tri scallion..represents victory achievement and success..see previous blog). I went first. OUCH! This hurt more than the Ironman race (for real). Jane was there as well. She took pictures of the process and tried her best to distract me with the sound of that buzzing needle, including asking me to thinking of things I dare share and will take to me to my grave. And a HUGE thanks to Jessica for letting me listen to her IPOD. Bootie music rocked. (Check out my cool links and download it if you haven't already!) Kelly yelped much less than me. I woke up this morning with a HOLY CRAP thought. I can't believe this will be on my left ankle FOREVER!!! A congratulatory cake Ironbabe Jane, who has been one of the nicest additions to our Tri Commune, baked this decadent Chelly cake for us. She slaved away at this piece of edible art for TWO days. Let me just say this cake tasted like it came straight from a bakery. We brought it to dinner with us. I think if this whole psychiatrist thing doesn't pan out for Jane, bakery is in her career cards. Thanks Jane! To having our cake and eating it too! And to 140.6 in 2008!

Cheers and happy training!

Guatama Buddha - “The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”