Friday, August 17, 2007

Whale shark wanderlust and an Ironman bling thing

2008 Placencia planning Another one of my many passions (maybe I already mentioned this?) is scuba diving. I have been diving for 9 years. Something very zen about being underwater with God's creatures. My love for the underwater world began when I lived in a remote island called Saipan in the mid 1990's. for most of us, going to a tropical destination involves laying on the beach. Now i like that too, but I never go to an island on my own unless there is good diving. So since I had time to waste at work (I was trying to look busy...come on, we all do this!), I started thinking about next year and my annual overseas trip. This year has been all Ironman consuming, and I have not had my scuba dive fix. It's killing me, eating at my soul, hurting my heart. This is the next thing I HAVE TO SEE. That's a whale shark, and each year they migrate to Placencia, Belize during egg spawning season. Apparently the eggs are yummy munchies for them. No they don't attack. In fact they are as docile as a manatee. Whale Shark Factoid: There are as many as 340 species of sharks. This is one of the nicer ones. So are the nurse sharks. I got to carry one like a football in Belize last year. I think we can pet these. Amazing stuff. Awe Inspiring. One of those 1000 things to do and see before you die. Oh and after this I was thinking about racing in Ironman Canada in August. I'm already planning for race two even though I haven't even done race one! Yes, I'm always looking ahead. I don't want to miss out on all the experiences life has to offer. Someone once said to me I collect experiences. That is true, but I also want to add something else to my "collection". Pendant Penchant It may seem prosaic, but I am definitely branding myself with an ironman tatoo on the inside of my left ankle.... should i be so lucky to finish IMOO (that's the acronym for ironman wisconsin...get it? dairyland? cow? moo?) . This is not about bragging, but about personal inspiration. Especially in times when I come in the face of fear and doubt. I want to be constantly reminded that whatever you want, with hard work and diligence, and courage, you can attain it.

Oh, and if my kids (should that ever happen) complain that I have a tatoo, they can do it the wise old age of 34.

Okay enough with my pep talk. Back to something else I really want, but is a luxury item I really can't afford. How cool is this! It's a diamond ironman pendant. For just $1200, it too can be mine. Apparently Big Island Jewelers is the only shop that is sanctioned by Ironman to make and sell these. They have cheaper ones, even gold ones. But why not go for the best? I liken it to bike envy.

Bike Lust Laments

We get the bike we want, but then we see other bikes and think, "Man, what did it really matter? Why didn't i get that.... (insert better bike choice here). It's just money? i should have just sucked up and paid the extra dough."

Regrets. Have no regrets.

To that end, I LOVE my pink Guru Trilite. But I am lusting after the Carbon Crono. Maybe someday. Maybe both the bike and pendant. Or heck, maybe on a credit card next year. Fiscally irresponsible I know...

Cheers and happy training! "Security is an illusion. Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all." Helen Keller


Baun said...

I like how you intersperse informative tidbits into your writing, and I love the inspiring quotes at the end! Especially today's quote. I'd read somewhere that the purpose in life is to collect as many titles as possible. For example, you start out life as a child, maybe sister/brother. Then as you get older, you become a student, college graduate, professional, wife, parent, etc. So, keep on collecting those titles, like runner, triathlete, and soon-to-be, Ironman!!

Coincidentally, I'd just seen this article on whale vomit and how valuable they are!!! (huh??). Did you know bout this?

So, if I were you, I'd keep an eye out for this "floating gold" while you're out in the ocean, because that could be your ticket to the carbon Guru!! (hawt) And some IM bling. :)

Jane said...

You can tell your kids they can get a tattoo when they complete their Ironman.

I met your roomie and other friends today. I will make a post about it. Surreal, man....

pinkgurugal said...

Hey Baun,

I love edification! I NEVER knew the value of what vomit! funny, there is an island in belize i've stayed called ambergris caye. now i know the meaning.

on the whale vomit hunt SOON! need that new guru and bling!!!!

pinkgurugal said...


the triathlon world in houston is TOO SMALL. you will NOT REGRET the sugar guys. they are my sugar daddies!!!

pinkgurugal said...


i also agree that we need to collect as many titles as possible. life is sooooo short.
to kindred spirits!!!

greyhound said...

On the subject of m-dot tatoos, Taconite Boy (another blogger) and I are sticking around Madison on Monday to get inked, if we complete the mission. Simply Stu is local to the area and has an artist to recommend.