Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good eats and Red Allez' Revenge

Healthy Habits After conceding yesterday that my pre Ironman diet was devoid of both nutrition and substance, I decided to pull out my unfailing Foreman grill and sizzle up some raw chicken tenders. I ziplocked the pieces and threw some dressing in it. Then I stuffed it into my lunchbox. And I stuffed a gaggle of other munchies in my box too. * Pinkgurugal's Muckamuck for my Wednesday Workday * Breakfast: coffee, kashi bar, a shot of vitamin juice. snack: 1 slice toast with all natural peanut butter and sugar free jelly snack 2: 30-40 grapes plus carrot baggie plus a few pretzels lunch: another p b and j , but this time TWO slices of bread :) lunch 2: 4 chicken tenders! snack 2: 2 bite size snickers stolen from bosses desk LOTS OF WATER * I am a grazer. * On the Eating Agenda * Since I live my life in controlled chaos (really), I have to make lists to ensure things get done. Especially when it comes buying food. Truth be told, that is why we've been malnourished in the tri commune. * Pinkgurugal's mostly guilt-free grocery gets * fat free milk (for the coffee)

turkey meat


fruit (any kind, i eat em all)

veggies (most kinds)

heart to heart cereal

more chicken

coke zero

BEER (a MUST at the commune)

kashi bars

kashi crackers

fat free cheese

string cheese

more chili mix

more whole wheat pasta

I'm a pretty simple eater. And i hate to fill my home with junk food. Otherwise it will going into my mouth. A big thanks to my roommate Liam for doing the grocery shopping. I hate going to the store.


Pinkgurugal's famous store bought spaghetti with more Foreman grilled chicken


This was our dinner tonight.

Not surprising, so was this.

This a new Harvest Moon flavor. Sort of a pumpkin spice. A fall-like effervescent delight. Rules are Meant to be broken?

Even though Liam and I just enacted a lights out by 10pm policy at the commune to better train, it was quickly breached. That lasted one night. Company came over.

Kelly made her usual appearance. And she had a lot of say. Notice the strain on her neck. Also a special shout out to Jessica and Christine and the other Kelly (i forgot to take their pictures!) for stopping and eating at the commune. And Kelly, thanks for bringing your decadent homemade brownie! A major yummy dessert hit!!! Since we stayed up late, Kelly spent the night. She had a presentation this morning, had no clothes, was running late, so I dressed her up in my clothes. Doesn't she look so cute and corporate? And she's posing next to my new beloved Oreck! Commune life is so laid back. Oh yeah, and I did train today, contrary to the photos. 1 1/2 hour swim followed by a 80 minute bike trainer workout. and weights. hmmmm....

**Red Allez Avatar?

Today I received word that pinkgurugal has a blog nemesis at work, by the name of Red All-ez guy, dubbed to be my antithesis. RedAllez refers to his bike as well. Or "all-ez", which is seemingly appropriate

I'm a simple girl with a complicated mind. He's a complicated guy with a simple mind.

Note the simple look here

I'm pink. He's red. I checked out his blog.

May the blog off begin Red-Allez guy! Pink rules. Red, you're going down.

Cheers and happy training!

Dr. Samuel Johnson - “Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.”


greyhound said...

Wow, the commune looks fun. Makes me think we need to get a roll call on who from H-Town is doing Im Moo and have a huge pot luck somewhere to send us off in style.

pinkgurugal said...

not a bad idea greyhound. i but i have no idea who you are. so fess up :)