Friday, August 10, 2007

Biking, Beers and Ecuadoran Outrage

Firstly, sorry to those of you who have been wondering where pinkgurugal has been hiding. Nowhere really, I just got busy. But I'm back! And even though I have to get up VERY EARLY tomorrow for work, I am having blogging withdrawels right now so must quell them. Bifurcating the Bike Workout That's just a big word for splitting in half. I am a word nerd. And I like alliteration. And I get an emailed dictionary word a day. Add to my list of quarks. So Wednesday called for another 90 minute bike trainer session followed by a 40 minute run. Only I woke up late that morning, so I only managed to squeeze in one hour on the bike. So after a long days work, I finished the bike trainer workout when I got home. I actually did another hour in the evening, followed by that transition run. And guess what was on TV? Sharks are another passion of mine. I love them and tivo any shark show that comes on. This one was about tiger sharks off the South African coast. I watched it as I stationary riding away. More on the subject of sharks in a moment, but first... What's for dinner? After the run, which ended around 9 that night, my training partner and BFF Kelly came over. She and I both had good runs and decided to dip in the pool to cool off. We actually considered going for a swim at the gym, but we didn't have dinner so we had .... Coronas and convivial spirits Another big word. Just means being merry, and in this context, happy with the brew. Yes, we decided to forgoe the swim and have a beer..only one beer turned into ... mmmm... let's just say several. Yes, this was dinner. Spunk and spirits Needless to say that got us into the giggles. Then my roomie Liam came home. Then we took more evidence of an unexpected evening . I broke the I'm "off the sauce" until the ironman rule again. I resorted to my "work hard, play hard" mantra to justify my errant ways. Mind games to shed the guilt. Denial works sometimes too. You should try it. In Shark Shell Shock So as I was saying, I love sharks and everything about them. I have been an avid scuba diver for several years, and they are my favorite big fish sighting. So imagine my absolute contempt when I learned that the government of Ecuador just opened the doors to allow shark finning in the Galapagos! (this is Charles Darwin land ) ** So What's Shark Finning? Here's what happens: Fishermen catch sharks, cut their fins and dump them back into the ocean to die. Shark fin soup is a delicacy in Asia (I'm so ashamed) and an estimated 100 million sharks die every year to shark finning. Total inhumanity. I spent ten days aboard a dive boat there a few years ago and can tell you the Galapagos is stunning and the marine life is unmatched. It's truly an eco-elysian on earth. (that means paradise). Peter Hughes Dive company is asking everyone to send it an email to urge the president to prevent this from happening. Please send him an email asking for information on how you can write the government PRETTY PLEASE! Now I take a centrist position on most issues, but not this one. I know everyone's getting on the global warming bandwagon these days, but protecting our sharks protects our underwater ecosystem. Don't let this happen! Sorry if the photo is brutal. But that's what sharking finning is.. barbaric and savage. Century Ride, Century Sun So tonight I glanced at my nifty Brookstone weather forecaster and saw TRIPLE DIGIT Temperatures! Yep, it will be a scorcher on Sunday. That's the day I have another brutal 112 miles followed by a run. All under the sun. More bike tanning. I can't wait. I think I'll wear my camelback to pack extra water this time. Don't make fun of my camelback if you see me out there. * Cheers and happy training! * "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." Horace Mann

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