Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nutrition Nuances, Girls gone Guru and Mother Nature's Miss

Feed Me I never thought I would say this, given I was up to 10-12 pounds heavier some years back (hey, on a little girl that's A LOT)... but I need to eat more. I think that's contributing to my languid ways. I admit fault. Because I am too lazy to go to the store and I always seem to be running 5-10 minutes late to work, I almost always hastily stuff into my food bag whatever's in the fridge. Today it was string cheese, grapes, water, popcorn, a coke zero and soy nuts. Just a dearth of hearty stuff I realize
Not enough. So my colleague and I stopped for a burrito. Only it got soggy when I got back to the office so I only ate the inside stuff. Not enough. And not so appetizing. I am so tired from all this training that sometimes it's hard to put down food. At least for the last few days. I have a new Gurugal Sister! There is an ironbabe named Jane who I have just learned is about to be the proud owner of a new Guru. I stole this photo from her blog. She stole it from Christopher's photography.
She likes to smile.

I always smile when I see a camera.

To read more about Jane's six degrees of separation purchase, check out her blog. It's quite funny. And fated. My Guru needs to become friends with your Guru. Dean spares scuba diving diva! Below is an email I received from my dear friend Alison with a Hurricane Dean update. She runs Scuba with Alison and has the coolest dive outfit in Cozumel. Should you go to Cozumel, she is the BEST. Trust me. I've known her for years now. Hola , Thank you for the well wishes! It is almost 4:00 am here right now and the hurricane is due south of us pounding the hell out of Punta Allen and Majahual. I think once the roads are clear and the car ferries come back I may cross my truck over to the mainland if it is safe and buy bottled water, rice, beans and corrugated cardboard roofing material and drive it down to the poor folks down there. I wonder if they will need clothing too. We are fine. I woke up about 30 minutes ago. I cleaned up some water that came in from an open door on the patio and poured myself a glass of wine. The cat was crying to get out. The most damage that I have so far is a potted palm tree fell over in the back yard and the pot shattered. That will cost me $50. bucks. Stupid me for not thinking to bring it indoors. I didn't even bother boarding up the windows this time around. No worries. :-) Alison Here's Alison coming into close contact with a sea turtle. She is among the neatest girls I know. A hottie from California who owns a dive shop in Mexico. Way cool. And she's a humanitarian. Noble. I slept in for the second day in a row so I'll be doing a 1 1/2 hour run tonight. Thank goodness it's Ironman taper time. And thank goodness Dean spared the Yucatan. Alison, we'll be there soon enough! Cheers and happy training! “Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” Immanuel Kant


Jane said...

I'll have to name my bike first, then they can have a play date.

pinkgurugal said...

my second choice was groovy guru gal :)

yes, let's play. after the ironman, we'll be doing much more mellow rides...not the heat defying, ass early sunday morning ones!