Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trying Things Out, Whipping things up

Fit to be tested My morning started like most mornings...rushing to do something. Today it was get to UH to the Garrison Gym and take a VO2 test. Basically, from what I'm told, this has to do with your body's ability to take in oxygen. I signed up as a "subject" with Alexander Hutchison, a graduate student who's doing his PHD dissertation. He's trying to determine why fit people's immune systems break down. Basically we are more prone to getting sick when we're in shape. The irony. The VO2 vertical challenge So that bike you see.... mmmm.... too big. During my VO2 test I basically had to extend my legs to cycle. Bad idea. Not so good on the knee. So pinkgurugal is dropping out of the study. Priorities. Think Ironman Wisconsin in 5 1/2 weeks. Think no injuries until then. Sidetracked Tonight was my track workout night. I follow a detailed training guide through the guys at . Only after I finished did I realize...I DID THE WRONG TRACK WORKOUT! I took the recovery week run workout with me! So typical me. I kept thinking to myself: this doesn't hurt too bad does it? Still, I felt strong and even faster! I credit that to my new Newton running shoes (see previous blog). Then I got one of those rare, really really good.... Endorphin Highs ooohhh....ahhhhh.... I needed my fix. I Never get this rush after cycling or swimming. Just hard running. It had been awhile. Fifteen minute Feast Tonight "Eye Candy" John came over after his 2 1/2 hour run (he is also training for Ironman Wisconsin and is our local pro). He, my roomie Liam and I lounged in the pool and hot tub. Then we were hungry. Then I whipped up a quick meal. Tri Family Style Nothing like mac and cheese, brown rice and Foreman-grilled chicken. And great company. Even "TriRyGuy" Ryan joined us for our late night nibbles. Three tri hotties in the commune. I'm a lucky girl. Cheers and happy training! “I believe in my own possibilities, and I feel I can do it all.” Oprah Winfrey

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