Saturday, August 4, 2007

Swimming in Stuff

Idle Organization Even though I had planned to do a long swim, the obsessive compulsive in me started cleaning(a quarky habit). It started with organizing all my jewelry. I threw out half of my costume jewelry and saved the rest. I present to you before and after pictures as evidence of this massive undertaking. Then I started cleaning out my closet as Ally stood guard Clothes Clutter Ever since I have started "triathloning" (I coined up this gerund, but I swear it's already being used in tri circles), I have lost a considerable amount of weight, given my size. So I have loads of clothes that just sit in the closet and could be best served going to charity. Another monday errand to run.

Knock Knock
Then my next door neighbor Lee came over to check on my some backyard plumbing issues. He hung around for a talk fest about one of our favorite subjects, the often obligatory world of dating. Being a career bachelor, he imparted sage wisdom. My single self learned much.
Did someone say food?
All that relationship talk got me hungry...for Korean food (must be some subconscious Freudian thing?)
Jessica was over at the tri commune so off the three us of went.
Three couldn't fit in his Aston Martin DB9 (again, career bachelor) so we took his Porsche Cayenne (good thing I'm not a golddigger).
I love spontanaity. Of course we had to try the national beer when we got to Korea Garden. Hite is yummy.
Fine, so I cheated from my "stay off the sauce" rule that was supposed to start August 1st. I'm so mischievous!
Rules are meant to be broken. Tonight, that meant good talk, great company and fabulous Korean food over swimming.
Now tomorrow is a whole different story. Stay tuned...
Cheers and happy training!
"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all." Dale Carnegie


Jane said...

If you want really good Korean food, you should try Arirang. It's a drive, all the way out on Bellaire and Beltway 8, but it's worth it.

pinkgurugal said...

ooh, i think i've seen it. i love chinatown (and the hong kong mall a few miles west)
i could eat asian food everyday for the rest of my life. thanks for the suggestion!!!