Thursday, August 30, 2007

Surrendering, Suiting Up, A Cycling Soiree and an Ironman imprint

This Breaking News Just In And Now a word from TriRyGuy, with an update on pinkgurugal's blog off war with RedAllezGuy. TriRyGuy: Sources tell us that Pinkgurugal is prepared to raise the white blog off flag on RedAllezguy in order to resume to regular blog affairs. " I need to return to my blog roots. To the essence of my blog. To share and care. I'm typically not into schadenfreude (thanks Ironbabe Jane for the word), but Red started it. So poop on you!", she said, giving us her infamous confounded child look. TriRyGuy: We'll stay on top of this story and bring you more as it develops. Now back to our regular programming Blah Blah Blog So for those who have logged onto my blog and were offended by my most recent one "uncovering" my counter blog's twisted past, I am calling a concession, a respite from our discordant dissertations. Let it go. Let what will :) Because Holy Hay!!! We are in the waning days of the Wisconson Ironman! The countdown is on! More on this in a moment.... But first, I'd like share my recent trivial affairs purely for entertainment purposes. Dress for Success This week my company issued T-shirts for our staff. Since they didn't have a kids size 12, I opted for the retro look, the oversized shirt dress. Notice the comfort and flow. I am bringing back the trend. Say you saw it here first and only on pinkgurugal's blogspot. Too much baggage Everyday I carry what seems like a 50 pound luggage to work, filled with all kinds of junk, including 20 pounds of makeup, my real "adult" shoes (I wear my crocs into the office...again trendsetting), paper, magazines, hairspray, food and other items I dare mention. And everyday I tell myself I need to buy a bag with wheels to roll into the office. See, I suffer from a bad lower back..a fracture line on my L5 and small slippage at the L5 S1. And carrying heavy things only excaberate the pain. The pain is at its worse before a big race. So I get cortizone injection about four times a year, I've got one scheduled for Friday. Now I hate needles like the rest of us, but when they stick it to me in my lower back, it feels sooooo good. Tatoo Test So I'm getting the obligatory IM tatoo after the race. Even if it seems so commonplace these days, I don't care. It's all about me. I can be selfish sometimes, or a lot of times in my case.

So today I decided to Sharpie it in to see how I'd like it. Big or small?

The one on the left is the small one. The one on the right is the big one. I think I'm going for the traditional red and getting it somewhere in between these sizes. And on the left ankle. Funny, I never thought I'd permanently imprint what looks like a Pac-Man ghost onto my skin, but here I go... the idiosyncrasies of ironman racing... Sugar Cycles ShinDig Last night the Sugar Cycles Cycling team's culminated the end of their race season with a get together at Berryhills. A Betty Ford Find? We were not sure who this woman is, but she sang and cheered with us much to our glee. To Kooky Kismet! . Well, any gathering at a Mexican restaurant calls for Margaritas. And like always, none of us had any self control. Even after a hard night of training (yes, tapering still feels tough?) The Sugar friends ended our night at another bar, coming home way to late. It was all Liam's fault. But it sure was worth the fun and laughs. Tapering Torment? So how do I feel with race day days away? Well the training has been fine, but of course I'm freaking, of course I'm having dreams of not finishing, and of course I get a pit in my stomach when I think about how many hours damn hours I'll be out there or what if I bonk. I even went to a hynotherapist this week to get positive peak performance reinforcement messages into my subconscious. (ha ha! say that a few times!) The images in my brain looked and felt something like this. * I feel like this sick little girl who just wants to crawl into a hole and needs her mommy. Only I'm not white and blond.
But failure is not a word in my vocabulary. And neither is fear. I live in denial of that and negativity. It's worked so far.
Let's pray that it does on September 9th. And that I finish the race with a big smile on my face like I always seem to do.
Cheers and happy training!
Richard Milhouse Nixon - “The true idealist pursues what his heart says is right in a way that his head says will work.”


greyhound said...

Hey, if you are hanging around after the race on Monday, another blogger and I are heading to a place Simply Stu recommended there in Madison to get our ink.

ss_luna said...

Definitely the larger MDOT, I have 2 tattoos. The larger one is much clearer down the line, the little one gets "smugged" looking.

Baun said...

Hey Pink - no worries, you are so gonna rock IM Wisconsin!

From what I can tell from reading your blog, you've definitely put in the sweat, blood, and tears training for this thing, and come race day, just allow your preparation to take over. You know you can do the distances because you've done it over and over during training.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and have fun out there! Whatever the outcome, I'm sure the journey has been worth it. And way to represent for the VN sistas!!

P.S. Definitely larger Mdot! I personally like the red Mdot outlined like on this site, but whatever you get, make sure there's some space between the dot and the body. Otherwise, it does look like a pac-man ghost.

P.P.S. I might be there spectating (I live in Chicago), so I'll look for the Pink GURU bike whizzing by!

pinkgurugal said...

hey blog friends!

thanks so much for the advice and support! i definitely want something larger so as to not look like a smudged pacman ghost! gettign way excited.
greyhound, madison here we come...and we're leaving monday morning :(

greyhound said...

Boo you for leaving so soon.

pinkgurugal said...

Baun and ss_luna,

definitely the big one now. smudgy would stink.
because we are heading back to houston, i think we'll go with a local one... please blog about yours!
and a huge thanks for the support! baun, i'll be on a pink guru! hahaha!