Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Swimmingly Good Day

City pool swim
There is a city pool near my home that I frequent in the summers to train. So this morning I headed there for some lap swimming. The guide called for about 2 miles of swimming, but I only got through about a mile and a half. Then I learned the pool was a 33 1/2 meter distance. All this time I wondered why it would take me so long to do my workouts.
There is no reason I inserted this photo of Ally here other than I LOVE HER.
Professional Upgrade
I made a major leap in my career today. I have been waiting nearly five years for this.
I was promoted to the cubicle by the window! The guy who used to sit there is now wearing a manager's hat and has an office. I have more space, and I'm in better company. Not to mention the view is fantastic. Oh, but somebody did fire a few gunshots into the window a few years ago. I'll take my chances.
Happy to be in the House of Hope
Tonight I once again headed to my favorite local women's shelter Bonita House of Hope, to attend the kickoff of its fundraising campaign.
This is truly a special place that helps women plagued by drug and substance abuse get back on their feet.
It was standing room only, attended by friends, family, and a host of local leaders.
If you get a chance, go check out their website. Or volunteer
I think I'm turning....
Happy Birthdays this month go out to a few of my friends!
Terry, aka flex, just celebrated his big 39. Don't worry flex, we've pooled money together to get you some more rip fuel
Spencer! This stud celebrated 42. He's the hottie in the left . The four of us recently vacationed so well together in Cozumel, that in January we'll be doing a reunion Napa Valley trip. We're dubiously dubbing it our "Sideways" vacation. I can't wait guys! And Sweet Jessica! (In the red, seen here at a recent tri commune night).
26 and fabulous.... recharged with a great new career, and a wonderful spirit. Great things continue to lie ahead for you!
I am so truly blessed these friends are in my life. May all your birthday dreams come true!!!
Cheers and happy training!
"Accept the pain, cherish the joys, resolve the regrets; then can come the best of bendictions-"If I had my life to live over, I'd do it all the same"
John McIntosh


Jane said...

Your dog is CUTE! Uhm...your male friends are pretty cute too...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to distract you at the city pool -- maybe I should get some blame for your coming up 1/2 a mile short! I can testify, though, that you have a graceful stroke, even as your trainer complains whenever you take a break from 67 meter laps! We have lots of these odd-length pools in Paris, you should come visit...

Anonymous said...

that is Paris, France, not Texas ;)

pinkgurugal said...

I'm not sure what I look like when I swim, but I can't say it's been decribed as graceful. My stroke feels more like flaling most of the time!
Glad you are back in Paris....France. I'm so jealous.
I guess there's no work for diplomats in Paris,Texas. :)

ps- I saw your parents out riding today!

pinkgurugal said...

Hi Jane.
Your dog is cute to. And the boys...well, they're okay. :)