Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday Night Serendipity

A fortuitous food and friends affair Saturday night Ironbabe Jane invited three members of the Tri commune, Liam, Jessica and Pinkgurugal to her home for a delightful and delicious dinner party. Also attending this intimate event, TriGreyhound and his wife Pauline, and Paulette and his wife David.

So it was the eight of us: We engaged in pleasant conversation, imbibed on fine wines and gorged on quite a feast, thanks to Jane. In case you didn't know it Jane is quite a culinary connosieur, she even has a separate food blog that chronicles this indulgence.

We were first served crab cakes

Then we had a yummy beef salad The main course was this chicken wrapped in feta cheese and a yummy sauce... with a side of pasta. Then came the sizzling and explosive dessert. Children, don't try this at home. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! This is made-from-scratch baked alaskan served up just like one would get at a fancy restaurant. The presentation was cool, but the dessert was even better.. Hands down,. it was the BEST baked alaskan I've ever eaten! Going through Jane's Goodies Box After the grown ups left, Liam found some peculiar stuff stored away in what at first, seemed like an unsuspecting box. Until he opened it. A pandora's box of porn? You be the judge. Jane, we don't know what you do in your alone time, but if it's fun, we'd like to join Six degrees of blog separation: Okay, stay with me on how this melange of people was brought together. Pinkgurugal lives with Liam, and Jessica is my surrogate little sister . She's the one in the red on the left. Then I met Jane at an Ironbabes get together. We began reading each others blogs

Jane found Trigreyhound's blog while doing a search on anyone doing triathlon "brics" (or training) This is the actual photo that comes up on Trigreyhound's blog. Check out the self professed middle aged lawyer's m-dot and guns!

Then I started reading Trigreyhound's blog through Jane. Then I met him in Madison during the Ironman. It was his first IM too!

Jane met Liam at Sugar Cycles but had already read his blog because I've linked Liam's blog on mine. So she felt like she knew him. And they became better friends when they recently roomed together at the Austin triathlon. Even Toby was there.

Trigreyhound and his wife met Jane for the first time last night. Isn't that funny? Jane thought so.

David and Paulette are friends of Janes. Paulette feels like she knows all of us because she reads our blogs. Thanks Paulette, pinkgurugal is honored!

And that, my friends, is how to make new friends through nebulous networking.

Blogs are great links, all pun intended. They forge relationships. They bond people who likely wouldn't meet or have any reason to know each other. Blogs brought this dinner party together. Pinkgurugal feels blogged blessed. Here's looking at you my fellow bloggers!

Cheers and happy training!
"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."
The Dalai Lama


greyhound said...

The power of connection and living the connected life. It matters not whether the connection starts with a handshake or recognition or an html link, connection is real.

Jane said...

Toby loves Liam! If I die suddenly, Liam can be Toby's adoptive dad (seriously...)
Oh, that's a weird, morbid statement, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Such a fun night! Despite the fact that I am not a triathlete (and no usually not a total lush either)- triblogs kick ass - I love the positivity that connects all of you amazing people together. Keep writing everybody!

Taconite Boy said...

good to meet up with you at immoo!
Congrats on a great finish

pinkgurugal said...

you too taconite! that was fun!

tgh: well said!!!

paulette: don't worry, i lushed out last night big time!

Lisa said...

I'm a trigreyhound reader and just found your blog through him. Kind of funny because I know you, but didn't know you're blog. :) Congrats again on IMMOO!

Lisa said...

Doh! Meant your, not you're...

Dave said...

Make it 7 degrees...

I was once a photographer for a Baton Rouge newspaper. We covered many stories along side of the TV guys, so I casually knew many of them. One day I saw someone I thought was familiar covering local Houston news. I did a web search, and indeed he was someone from BR - Isiah Carey. During my search I ran across his blog, The Insite, and became a regular reader.

One day he had a link to the Pinkgurugal's blog. I checked it out. What good timing. I was trying to decide where to go with my training adventures: road biking, mountain biking, or tris? My knees made my decision for me, so mt. biking it is. But I continued to browse her blog...

Then one day Pinkgurugal mentioned Ironbabe Jane. Who I thought looked familiar, and recognized her. We had classes with in grade school, and later went to high-school together! Considering the size of our hometowns and the size of our highschool, this is truly a needle in a haystack.

Now who knows Kevin Bacon?