Friday, September 14, 2007

Depictions of an Ironman Destiny

Pinkgurugal Poses
I stole these from ASI photos and am sharing. Notice the smile. I always smile when I see a camera. Sharing is caring.
Here's Kelly Kicking Ass!
Okay, I couldn't resist.... and finally....
Casper "Mcdreamy" Grim's Grace
Cheers and happy training!
Lao Tzu - “He is strong who conquers others; He who conquers himself is mighty.”


Baun said...

Those are some great IM pics. That's the way to compete and race - with a big ol smile on your face! (hey, that rhymes!) You have the look of pure joy and happiness at the finish line! Congrats.

But... where's the pic of the tat??

pinkgurugal said...'s coming...we're getting them inked on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chau,
Nice pictures, looks like you had fun.
Ray from 11

greyhound said...

You and Chelly are a scream with your muscle flex pics. Is she a rock star or what?

Anonymous said...

You two are just AWESOME!!! Your journey is truly phenomenal. Good luck in Austria!!!


pinkgurugal said...

hey ray! thanks.. i have a lot of fun with this blog!

Fe-lady said...

Great finish and race photos...I got to your blog via Greyhound.
(How does one "borrow" ASI photos...please share your secret! Remember, sharing is caring!) :-)

Nice ink too! (along with the big smile!)