Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fitting in, Friends Forever and Feeling the Healing effects

Girls Gone Lame I never turned down a beer or two, or mmm, three.... during my IM training. I did however, constantly declined going out for a night on the town. Something about getting up early and seemed to always get in the way... So Thursday night, my girlfriend Christine decided now that the race is over, it was time to take me out to celebrate. It was so nice to catch up with Christine, but truth be told, I HATE going out. My whole perspective is warped. In my 20s and single, I couldn't wait to head to the restaurant and bars. Now, I see things so differently. I look at all these young, single people out on a Thursday night, some smoking, and I think... this is not only not fun, but I have nothing in common with people who would rather stay out late and drink then wake up early and ride. YES, I choose the Tri Commune, I choose my bike and my new Newton running shoes over a cigarette and a vodka martini. Maybe I'm just getting old, or growing up, or have outgrown that whole scene. Fun to me is getting up early, heading to the country and going for a 4-6 hour ride (even as much as I sometimes bitch about it). Oh but I will never turn down a beer. An Ironman Offering My bestest bestest friend and other "Chelly" half, Kelly, bought the two of us Ironman pendants. It is so perfect that I have been wearing it nonstop. I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Friends are golden, just like this charm M-Dot Update Well, other than waking up every morning and thinking HOLY CRAP, what have I done, my m-dot tattoo on my ankle appears to be healing well, albeit it itches (part of the healing process I'm told). I like it, but I am still not used to it. Oh, and I'll have to wear slacks for the rest of my professional career. Jobs are overrated. It's Saturday night... and Ironbabe Jane is having some friends over for dinner. Now this is my kind of going out. Good food and friends... and more beer! :) Cheers and happy training! And thanks to Sugar couple Natalie and Philip for today's following quote: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin


greyhound said...

Love that quote.

Funny, I don't have anything in common with the average 40 year old suburbanite either.

Anonymous said...

Pink and Christine together working the room... dangerous.


pinkgurugal said...

we were sooooo lame!