Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Racing Thoughts

Step by Step It's official. I signed up for my 7th marathon. It's my hometown marathon. And it's sometime mid January. I always sign up for this race because it's flat, fast and fun. And since we run right by my neighborhood, I invariably see lots of friends and neighbors. My bad though, for not properly training the past four years. Last year, I actually got to the race line 10 minutes before the gun went off. Typical stumbling and bumbling me stuff. Maybe this year I'll take this race more seriously. Or maybe I'll just do what I always do...have fun, and smile everytime I see a camera. Post Ironman Austerity Even though I am supposed to "take things easy", to "ease into" training, my mind is going nuts. Yes, I am nursing some funky feeling achilles tendons, yes, I got inked so I can't get into the pool, but I am feeling a little lost this last week. I have gone cycling, and hit the weights, and even enjoyed a few beers with my roommate and his friends, but shit I NEED GOALS! Not to mention my once sinewy self has gained a couple of pounds. I blame that on Ironbabe Jane and her yummy cake I have been nibbling on daily:) So I started thinking about beaches, about basking in the sun at a beautiful tropical destination..

then I started thinking about combining it with my favorite new passion.... Could it be possible??? do I have the time to train? would I even make the time?? I know, it's a longshot, but I'm having some post training blues...I feel lost, and it's CHINA! So I've been chatting with my blog buddy Baun and here's the email response he gave me: okay, so why IM China? let me count the ways:

1) because it's the first ever IM in China. there'll never be another first time. 2) because it's on Hainan Island, which is considered the 'Hawaii of China' (same longitude). it's supposed to be really beautiful there! 3) because it's in China in 2008, the year of the Chinese coming out party!! Beijing Olympics, IM China, total world domination, etc... 4) because it'll be the experience of a lifetime! 5) because it'll be an epic adventure! 6) because it'll be a hop and a skip to Vietnam 7) because it's there! 8) and most importantly, because you CAN!! we're blessed to have the opportunity to do this thing. Thanks Baun for the encouragement, even if in earnest. Help, my name is pinkgurugal and I'm now addicted to Ironman. An On Camera Act Pinkgurugal is pleased to share Kelly's first televised appearance. You can watch my other half of "the Chelly" as she shares her recent death defying experience with illness with a local news outlet

Kelly, the Hollywood agents will be calling any day! Cheers and happy training! “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary


Jane said...

Sorry about the pounds! I love to cook, but then make others eat it so I don't have it around the house! Coolness on Kelly, but kinda lame - they didn't mention that she's an Ironman! She's looks good on camera.

greyhound said...

Another Ironman in seven months? Not if I want to stay married and ambulatory.

pinkgurugal said...

it has been said to me that im training ruins relationships...that is if i had one!

Baun said...

That's a pretty amazing story about your friend Kelly. Bravo to Kelly for overcoming the illness, and kudos for being awesomely referred to as a "super athlete" on TV!

Re: IM China, remember PinkGuruGal: ANYTHING is possible!! :)

pinkgurugal said...

baun oh baun...oh shit.. why do you have to inspire like that!