Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Last minute littany of "To-Do's" and another super supper

An arduous organization effort

Today, after a leisurely one hour spin (tapering feels sooooo good) on a borrowed bike (thanks christine!...I had to give up Pink to tri sports transport )....
I started my to-do list.
Lists help me organize my barely controlled chaos. I feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I scratch off a task I won't bore you the details, but suffice it to say...THERE'S SO MUCH LAST MINUTE STUFF TO DO. My dining room table is ground zero. I laid out anything and everything I need...and I doubled most items. HELPING HANDS Then I got an UNBELIEVABLE massage from my friend and therapist Cheryl. She's the best hands in Houston, and if anyone knows true relief from years of nagging back pain, it's me!

Since TriRYGuy will be the Chelly's Tri-pimp, in the likely event if we forget something (has has raced in SIX ironmans) he will be our tri -Yoda for this trip.

I love Yoda. And I love my BFF :) The Barnaby's Bunch Instead of the usual TRi commune house dinner, the gang decided to hold it at our other favorite eats, Barnaby's. It was a lively time with our tri friends. Even my anti-blog, my blog nemesis, Red Allez Guy showed up. (See first pic..guy making an "oh" face in black hat) We are calling truce this week because of my race. More to come after the race though... Commune Congrats Accolades to the following stud athletes for placing, winning, racing, and making the rest of us enviable over the holiday weekend. At the Austin Triathlon: Liam : 1st place in age group, 4th overall. Ironbabe Jane: for finishing STRONG on her FIRST olympic distance triathlon! At Eastside Triathlon: . "Eye Candy" John: Overall !st place winner Tommy Elder: 1st place age group
Oh and special professional CONGRATS to the our beloved "serpent" Mark for doing a kickass national news piece on Coretta Scott King's FBI files uncovered. Cheers to our next Bob Woodward!
Did we forget anyone of our other friends? Anyhoo.. ya'll ROCK!!!
I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful circle of friends. I get so sentimental sometimes, but I know moments like these are rare and special.
Since I don't own a laptop, and the company-issued one has yet to arrive, I may be out of blog commission once I get to Madison tomorrow. So if you don't hear from me, your positive thoughts and prayers would be GREATLY appreciated.
This is John Duke at me a few months ago at Tri Camp. He's the publisher of Triathlete Magazine. I'll probably never grace the cover...but it sure is fun to do triathlons!
Thanks for reading my sometimes mundane and often goofy triathlon and personal misadventures!
Cheers and happy training!
Sir Winston Churchill - “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”


Baun said...

A quick tri prayer for Sunday:

May raceday temps be cool
May you swim like at the pool
May the winds be at your back
May you run ahead of the pack
Go, PinkGuruGal, go!
Mike Reilly is calling your name, yo!

Dustin said...

Good luck!!

greyhound said...

Hey, I've got my laptop along, so just hit me up in Mad City if you want to borrow it for some blogging. e-mail trigreyhound@yahoo.com and I'll give you the cell and blackberry address.

TriMedic said...

Good luck all the hard work will pay off.