Thursday, September 6, 2007


T Minus Three Pinkgurugal has access to a computer at our hotel. So I will try my best to blog about the days counting down to IMOO. It's hardly believable that it's almost here... Tri Commune Sendoff On Tuesday evening, friends hosted a "Chelly" sendoff at the tri commune. About ten of our favorite friends came for the always informal affair.
A HUGE chelly thanks to Jessica for the delicious lasagna and IMOO ice cream cake. It was all so yummy, evidenced by the fact that there were NO leftovers. Add to that, it was a perfect carb loading meal.
Beer was also served at the sendoff, to which Kelly and I served ourselves to a few.
And Ironbabe Jane, a MAJOR THANKS for sending us amazing flowers. Totally unexpected, thoughtful and generous. Who doesn't LOVE surprises and flowers? Ironbabe Jane, you are so awesome!
The Chelly Arrives! Kelly and I of course, stayed up way late Tuesday evening, or more like Wednesday morning. Since our flight left at 7:17am, we left the home at 5:45...after a 4 hour nap.
A big thanks to my roomie Liam for the lift to the airport. Making it to Madison So we get here Wednesday afternoon, check in, and take it easy. We are staying just a few steps from the race, so the location is perfect. After a two hour nap and a short 30 minute run... we dined at a great Japanese restaurant called Takara, filled up at the local Walgreens on water, and went to bed.
Then we slept about 10 hours! It felt sooooo good. We needed it. We deserved it. We're on vacation! A Rough Start OMG! How choppy was the practice swim this morning! It was a test of will...of survival.. I think I took in about a gallon of water in about 30 minutes.... good for the hydration though. Then we went to get massages. Even though there was a long line, our therapists probably spent a good 30 minutes on each of us. I have found in life, that charm , at times like these, goes a long ways. This is Kelly's newest BFF Michael.
Then we walked into to the Ironman store. And of course, we did the obligatory IM shopping. M dot paraphenalia proliferated about 100o square feet of space. My total bill rang out to be about 200 dollars. But the week is still young.
Bloggers Get Together Thanks to this blog, we met another Houstonian here to race in his first IM, new friend and fellow blogger, Trigreyhound. He found my blog through Ironbabe Jane's blog. I've read his. We had lunch with him and three other bloggers he met through blogs. To kindred blog spirits! Isn't that funny, how blogs can bring people together?
And Trigreyhound, thanks for'll definitely have to come dine at the tri commune..we'll have a celebration of ourselves when we return! Winding our Way through Wisconsin Kelly and I did a brisk one hour ride through town around sunset tonight.
Madison has arguably the best bike trails in the country. No surprise Outside Magazine voted it one of the best cities in the U.S. It seemed like we rode endless miles. Great town, and so far, great weather, save the Lake Monona choppy waters. Eating with Eye Candy John Tonight, Eye Candy John (what we have affectionately named our local pro triathlete and fellow Sugar cycles teammate) invited us over to his host home. See, pros have this network where they are linked to locals who graciously allow them to stay. Patty was hosting a small pasta dinner. About a dozen people were there, and we ate more pasta. And more yummy ice cream cake. Thanks EC and Patty! Finally, one caveat to the day: I can't tell you how many Chelly moments we had today. From Kelly misplacing her race bag stuff, to me blundering for what seemed like everything I held... like our cash, my cell phone, our credit cards, and the list goes on. But this one took the cake as I was making yet another swim goggles purchas: Pinkgurugal : "Did you put my stuff in my bag maam? Clerk: No you're holding it in your hand..." Thank goodness TriRyGuy is coming tomorrow to cheer us on, and most importantly walk us through this process! Cheers and happy training! Pinkgurugal leaves you with this quote sent to me by my good friend and running diva stud Lisa: "All we really need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about" Charles Kingsley


The Stretch Doc said...

Hey it was Great Meeting out out at Twin Lakes last week.
Relax, have fun and enjoy IMW!

Will be watching/tracking you this weekend..Have FUN!


Jane said...

I can't wait until you finish! I wanna be there when you get your tattoo! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

pinkgurugal said...


thank you soooo much! it has been a great journey!

And yes, Jane, you HAVE TO be there!!!

Baun said...

Awesome. I'll be driving up around noon to spectate with some folks, so hopefully, I'll get to cheer you on on the course!

For some last-minute IM inspiration, check out this video compilation (download & play with QuickTime) NA Sports put together for the recent 2007 IM Canada. That course looks beautiful!

Born To Endure said...

Love reading your report on Madison..i'll be there in just a few short hours and you can bet i'll be looking for your pink bike!!!