Friday, September 7, 2007

A Course in Miracles?

T Minus Two Okay, so the header is lifted from author and spiritualist Marianne Williamson (I'm a self help kind of girl), but I thought it strangely appropriate on this day. Details in a moment Multisports morning group hug After another restful night of sleep, Kelly and I headed to the expo where hosted a breakfast for those of us who signed up through them. We were treated to a continental breakfast followed by a few pep talks from the crew, including Paula Newby Fraser, hubbie Paul Huddle and race official Jimmy Riccitello. It was a pleasant breakfast, with Jimmy and I cracking jokes throughout much of the breakfast. Okay, now back to that course in miracles bit... After the breakfast we headed out to drive the course with Mark, another triathlete I met during tri camp a few months ago. While out there, I thought about my own IM journey, and that in many ways, the lessons I've learned along the way were faith guided. Maybe I'm being maudlin (I'm only using this big word because it was the word of the day a a few days ago...) ...I'll just leave it at this until the race is complete. Or maybe I was just getting delirious with ethereal thoughts because the car sickness worsened with every twist and turn on those seemingly endless farm roads. Signs of the IM Times After we returned from our 112 mile drive plus some (we got a bit lost on the way back), Mark and Kelly took advantage of the free massages while I started making fun posters. There is a booth where you can create posters that volunteers will place along the route, and ones for friends to hold. We expect TriRyGuy and his friend Brent to cheer with the signs. They are cute. Time for a nappy poo. We are carb loading again tonight, this time at the big welcome dinner. It's like being in Disneyland...kind of. And the weather is so far, holding up way well! Cheers and happy training! "Bid me run, and I will strive with things impossible." Williams Shakespeare

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