Saturday, October 13, 2007

Precious Moments

Priceless Just like my sweet Ally, simple things in life make Pinkgurugal happy. Like driving up to my home to see my roommate Liam playing with our two happy dogs on a beautiful friday night. *** By the way, a MAJOR congrats to Liam for finishing SECOND OVERALL at last weekend's Longhorn half ironman. He beat every pro but one with a 4:33 finish! Awesome! Liam, you are on your way to becoming a true 70.3 contender!

Uh, ADD moment... back to simple things....

Like sharing a free glass of champagne with my two favorite bartenders at Gravitas, Louie and Colin.

Like hanging out at the tri commune with great friends Like getting on my bike. And nothing gives me the chills like following the Ironman Kona World Championships online. It's exciting to watch everyone finish live. Way cool.

OMG! We just watched Sugar Cycles teammate Andrew Strong finish in just over 11 hours! Congrats Andrew! Your Sugar teammates are very proud of you!

Cheers and happy training!

Benjamin Franklin - “By heaven we understand a state of happiness infinite in degree, and endless in duration.”


Anonymous said...

I almost wore my 1996 Hawaii Ironman t shirt today (spectator, not a finisher like you all :)

Jane said...

Ally is a cute baby

momo said...

WAIT... you have a pink guru and a bully??? we must be soul sisters. i had two, but one passed away. now i have my boy, romeo.

she is too sweet!

pinkgurugal said...

omg...we are soul sisters. to pink and bullies!