Monday, November 5, 2007

A Show Stoppin Story

Steppin' Out

I know they look like garden shoes and look dorky and granola, but Crocs Rock! Dorky and granola I do very well. Actually I do it best.
This is one of three pair I own, and wearing Crocs makes Pinkgurugal a happy camper. In fact, I pretty much wear them all the time, even at work....really! Here I am sitting on some curb at story whatever of the day, I don't remember.
Today I spent the day with roomie Liam riding around the park and stopping for Starbucks. It was so relaxed and nothing short of a perfect Monday off.
Silly, silly stuff. Silly is fun though, especially with pictures! Cheers and happy training! "I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers." Mahatma Gandhi


Go Mom Go said...

I love my crocs too!

I actually need to get a new pair, the treads have worn so bad that I slide if there is any water on the ground.

Jane said...

You're so cute it kills me! Want to hear about your date.

Tarabay said...

Hey, I rock the crocs too! Great for anything shoes. When I lived in Lafayette, crocs with nice socks were good enough for casual Fridays! good times!

Ursula said...

I'm basically obsessed with Crocs!! Anyone who says they don't like them has just never tried them. They're so concerned with the dork factor that they won't even bother to experience foot heaven.

How did you get your blog background personalized? Pink with your picture, I mean?