Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hi tech Testing


Below is Pinkgurugal's first on camera appearance since my tv news career departure in December.

Only here, it's one in the morning, and I am dressed in my robe, with no makeup on, in the confines of my home.

Welcome to the real me.

Roll Tape

I am testing out my nifty new pink laptop's camera recording capability and hope to Vlog while in Saipan, Vietnam and Honolulu.

Seriously, writing this blog was about as high tech as I have gone.

Technology continues to intimidate me, but it seems trial and error has worked for me.

And I think it's working...

Note: Rob is making a cameo appearance. :)

Cheers and happy training!

"Light today with tomorrow." Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Anonymous said...

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

I know we look like crap. That is so hilarious. You both look fine.

Anonymous said...

wow you are soooo hi-tech. but i love it.. this is the first time i have seen you move since Dec. 29th.

It took this Forrest gump half a day to make you move and then i had to share voice with IS. but i figured out how to put him to sleep.

So this fan drafts on your knowledge thank you.

God bless you and yours

Jane said...

PGG- I miss you! I am so happy that you are in love, but miss you lots and so sad you're not doing Austria. However, I do make a great auntie! Good travels. Watch your knees. Rob looks good in glasses.