Sunday, June 8, 2008

On reeking relationships

For those of you who come here to read about triathlons and my meager life, STOP NOW! . . . Tonight, admittedly after a few drinks, I am writing about relationships, and one a friend of mine finds herself recently toiling over. So this post is my way of not only venting, but sticking up for my friend. . . . . The Infidelity Ickies . . . . I'm mad for my friend. I'm mad that a boy has gotten her into a downward emotional mess, that in a a tearful eye, she comes undone when talking about him. . . . . And I'm mad that this boy blogs like everything is perfect in his life, but in truth, he has cheated on his wife and had been stringing my friend on for the last several months...sending her nice emails, presents, etc. . . . . She met him through blogging. He first began commenting on her blog. Then she, his. Then comments turned into emails, then phone calls, then... well you get it. . . . . My friend had been so sad and depressed she's having a hard time functioning. I know, it takes two to tango, but if hers is heartache.... what are his consequences? . . . She's the one who has to peel herself off the floor, while he goes back to his life with his wife and kids. . . . . So there is this part of me that wants to expose Mr. Cheater for the sake of my friend. It would be very easy. She has pictures. She has some of his stuff. She has emails. It wouldn't be hard to figure out where he lives. . . . . If you are thinking fatal attraction by now, I get that. But these are just thoughts after all. We all have thoughts... doesn't mean we act on them. . . . . . . . I just hate seeing her, or anyone else for that matter, so unhappy. . . . Oh and to make matters worse, just around the time this boy was breaking up with my friend, he started leaving flirtatious comments on another woman's blog, just like he had started doing with my friend!! . . . . For now, I spend time with my friend and listen. That's all I can do, be a shoulder to cry on and listen, even if it's ad nauseum (in her words). . . . . I know, I'm throwing stones at Mr. Cheater. Maybe he's battling his own demons but has to mask them for the sake of his family. . . . . But this is about my upset friend. And i'm on her side. . . . . Again, I'm just venting. Of course, I'm dying to play psycho friend on him and expose him, but writing this is good enough.


Tarabay said...

Holy Crap!! I promise to always stay on your good side!!!

greyhound said...

Just to be clear, gentle reader, it ain't me. I'm the elder brother of the blogosphere, not the alley cat.

Timmy said...

I understand why you would want to expose him to the world and prevent some other woman from going through the anguish that your friend is going through. Your energy is better spent being a friend to your friend.

BTW...I *heart* the Fatal Atraction cartoon. LOL

Rob said...

Greyhound....I can confirm it isn't you, because I know who it is.

p.s. It isn't me

Tarabay said...

Humm... If i can remember correctly there was a quote.. and now that quote has gone away.. good thinking... its funny how well google works...

PS.. I'm not the daddy either!!!

Dylan44 said...


Your a great friend, and you have good heart.

This pig will get his in due time.
Spend your time and energy with your friend, she needs you now.

Bless you and your friend.