Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A massage moment and Cycling Cents

Accident Update . . Even though I didn't think my bike accident was all that bad, my back disagreed. Over the last few days, I have had pain in both my lower back and my neck. I think when I went down I must my poor back took a pounding . . Anyhoo, I called my good friend and massage therapist Cheryl to the rescue. . . Here she is looking as beautiful and warm as ever. . . . . . . Because Cheryl is also a good friend, unlike most massages where I just want to shut up and let the therapist do their work, getting a Cheryl massage allows me time to catch up with her. . . . Turns out, her clients include blog buddies Trigreyhound and Kathleen and several other local triathletes. I guess word travels quickly when you find a good therapist. . . Isn't Cheryl great guys? Yep, she digs deep into my lower back muscles and really works my tightness out. So much that I am usually squealing like a pig on her table. It's that hurts so good kinda' pain, ya know what I mean. . . And with the tri season in full swing, Cheryl says she's pretty busy with her steady stream of athletic regulars. Yes, triathlons keep massage therapists like Cheryl busy. I guess that means we're good for business.


. Collision Costs

. . Recently Rob sent me something he came across in one of his legal mumbo jumbo things (I don't know what lawyers read). . . . Anyhoo, it lists court awarded costs given in recent Bicycle accident cases around the country (in case you were wondering) :

. .

$12.5 million - cyclist struck and killed when driver veered into bike lane. . $2.8 million - cyclish suffered crushed arm, lacerated spleen, several fractures . $916K - cyclist's leg was run over


. $85k - "simple" crash with motorist.


Hmmm.... so if I die I'm rich, if I'm mamed I become a millionaire, and if some idiot hits me, then I have enough money to take some time off, take a few vacations, and buy a new bike or two.


I'd like to choose none of the above, but of course, that's out of my control.

Be careful out there boys and girls.



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John Milton


Ms. Conduct said...

Cheryl is the best!

Hope your ouchies heal up soon... stupid gravel!

greyhound said...

I heart Cheryl. Got my weekly appointment in the run up to IM CdA

Now, to the bluesheet. Unless you're ironed out by a commercial vehicle, odds are the driver of a private car will be judgment proof and have no assets, unless you are lucky enough that they carry insurance AND have coverage in excess of the liability minimums. The jury can award all they want, but unless you can collect, it's all just Monopoly Money.