Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Island Excursions

Tour Guide Time On this, the week before I return home, I am happily playing tour guide to Rob on Saipan, an island I will always consider my second home. Since his arrival, we have had a great time. Following his immediate introduction to Saipan on Sautrday morning with his first triathlon, we have been taking in all that Saipan has to offer. From World War Two landmarks like the last command post, where the Japanese retreated as the u-s allies made their attack....

To Saipan's most somber sight, Suicide Cliffs, where thousands of Japanese soldiers and civilians jumped to their deaths following surrender....

Being a tour guide is a lot of fun. Transportation? Mountain Bikes.

Green Flash Me

If you plan to visit a tropical destination, you must be on the lookout for the "green flash" sunset. I referring to the flash of green that sparks after the sun sets over an ocean horizon.

Now I have watched many sunsets on Saipan, but I can only attest to seeing a handful in the two plus years I lived here. Conditions have to be near perfect, meaning the sunset has to be devoid of clouds.

So as things looked ideal, I decided to have my hand at documenting this "green flash" some consider lore, though I knew as truth.

On Monday, green flashed, ever so appropriately on St. Patrick's Day.

Tuesday night was a teaser. Oh, but it so doesn't matter.

Cheers and happy training!

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